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and she danced in the rain

without a care in the world

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Writer & photographer ♥ Trilingual Love ♥ Piano Player ♥ Christian girl ♥ Book Nerd ♥ Dancer ♥
I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with…
Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, Zanessa, High School Musical, the Zac board on FF, Fanfiction
When I should be paying attention in class I’m…
Writing, reading, daydreaming, doodling
These couples make me fangirly…
Zac & Vanessa, Troy & Gabriella, Chad & Taylor, Luke & Lorelei, Noah & Allie, Jack & Rose, Ryan & Rachel, Dan & Emma, Mark & Sabrina
How did I ever live without…
My girls at FF, DVR, digital cameras, my trampoline and all that is the wonder of HSM
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