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Yup, this one is a week late too :P And I'm too lazy to post all the details, but you all understand how a concert works, lol. It was AMAZING. I loved all the bands, especially Cute is What We Aim For. The main band was Fall Out Boy and there was also Gym Class Heroes and Plain White T's :D I went with two of my best friends and one of the girl's sisters, who is really cool.
Pics & VidCollapse ) EDIT: Sorry about the weird spacing in this, I had to edit it a couple times and it got a little messed up.
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11 May 2007 @ 07:06 pm
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Yes, you are seeing this correctly, I have really come to LJ! I know, I know, you all deemed it impossible that I would actually get here :)
Thanks to Stina & Jill for putting up with my questions and helping me out *hugs*

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